Frequently asked questions

What hours do you work?

My diary remains flexible but does have a pattern. I work on a Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. My latest appointment is usually 5pm and I do offer a 6pm appointment twice a week. Currently I don’t work on a Wednesday.

How will I know what kind of massage I need?

After taking a confidential Health & Wellbeing assessment I tailor a massage session to your needs with you. It’s good to think about what has prompted you to book an appointment. Do you have physical pain or discomfort? Do you feel stressed or tired, are you sleeping poorly or feeling a lack of energy? Do you want some time to yourself, without having to answer a telephone? Or is it that you really like having a massage for relaxation time?

It is important that the massage session is about you and what we can achieve for you within a massage session or a block of sessions. My goal is always for you to leave with a sense of achieving what you need.

I don’t do routine, one size fits all massage, it needs to be tailored for you and we’ll work that out from out initial discussions to achieve the best we can.

Regular sessions or is one massage enough?

Sometimes one massage is enough – it maybe before or after a strenuous event, sports, decorating, gardening, moving or a long haul flight.

When I work with clients on a regular basis, people get to know their own needs better and how massage can serve them. This is because massage allows you to feel your body, its aches, its needs and emotions – in a different way from which you are used to thinking about yourself. Clients say that they are able to ‘deeply relax’ when they become accustomed to massage, touch, relaxed breathing and letting go and the benefits of this are longer lasting.

How can I get the best from my massage?

You have decided to invest your time and resources into taking care of yourself. Have a think about what time of day would be best for you – maybe so you don’t have to rush off to work afterwards, maybe at the end of a shift pattern, or you may have the day off – so you can take full advantage of the aftereffects of your session.

Coming for a massage is a decision to invest some time and attention in yourself and if you can you could follow this on into the rest of your day. These are some ideas, but equally you might feel energetic and enlivened.

• Drinking some water
• Having a nutritious meal
• Meeting with people whose company you enjoy
• Having a nice walk
• Having a rest

“My monthly visits to Jane for massage vary greatly from session to session. One visit can be a deep tissue massage to target particular body parts, such as tension in my shoulders, back and arms from the constant pull from lead walking dogs or for aching hips, legs and feet depending on how many hours spent dog walking in a month. If I’ve had a particularly stressful month, I may opt for a relaxing head massage and facial, simply as a relaxation aid. I am also a great advocate in having regular massage, simply as a relaxation aid, and preventative tool keep my body as free from injury as possible.”